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TAO Shifen Sky Lantern Cleanup

Cleaning up sky lanterns in Taiwan is unique because you don’t go to the trash, the trash comes to you. Last week, the TAO family went to Pingxi to help the residents pick up fallen lanterns just outside the well-known Shifen Old Street. The Pingxi area is famous for its sky lanterns that are most […]

Top 5 Adventurous Hikes in Taiwan

Taiwan is a country with a vast network of trails. Spanning coastal views and dense forests, up in the high mountains or down in the valleys, Taiwan’s hikes will allow you to see the best the country has to offer. Here we will focus on day hikes that are both easy to access and are […]

Snow Mountain 雪山

Experience Snow Mountain Taiwan is home to some incredibly challenging and beautiful high mountain peaks. Most of the challenging treks are more off the radar, but one peak to get your blood pumping is Snow Mountain! Snow Mountain has a few peaks of varying difficulty, and require different permits to climb. Recently we took a […]

Taiwan National Clean Up Day 2018

The results are in! On May 20th, 2018, Taiwan National Clean Up Day had 14 locations with volunteers cleaning up the coastlines and forests of Taiwan. An incredible amount of garbage was collected! This year’s 2nd annual Taiwan National Clean Up Day, organized by Taiwan Adventure Outings and sponsored by Quiksilver & Roxy , was a […]

Visiting the Truku Headhunting Tribe

The small island country of Taiwan is riddled with a unique and rich history filled with culture, beauty and some incredibly friendly people. This may seem contrary given that the title references a head hunting tribe, but these people in particular are overwhelmingly kind. As you can probably imagine, the Truku people no longer seek […]

Taiwan National Clean Up Day 2018

It is that time of year! We need your help with Taiwan National Clean Up Day! If you have wondered how you could offset your carbon footprint, here is your chance. While enjoying the sun and the community, clean up the garbage on the coast! Taiwan National Clean Up Event is in its second year […]

Snakes in Taiwan: A Quick Run Down

Spring is in the air! As the weather heats up and the spring rains come, the flowers bloom and the fauna emerges. Spring time is one of the most enjoyable seasons for hiking in Taiwan, as the ecological diversity is on full display. One of Taiwan’s inhabitants emerging from the cold winter are the abundance […]

Taiwan Company Outing with WY_CO

Our most recent weekend will filled with waterfalls, laughter, and adventure as we took the work travel company WY_CO on a Taiwan trip to Sandiaoling and the PACK Animal Sanctuary. WY_CO is a company that arranges trips around the world ranging from one month to one year for individuals who can work remotely. Taipei is […]

Wai’Ao Beach Community Clean Up

Last weekend, we had an incredible turnout for our monthly beach cleanup at Wai’Ao. Over forty participants ranging from students to business owners participated in the event. In the short span of three hours, we were able to collect over thirty bags of trash! Special thanks to Rising Sun Surf Inn and Candy Lin for […]

Shuiyang Hiking and Camping

Geographically, Taiwan may be a small country, but for outdoor enthusiasts and adventurers it has an overwhelming appeal. Shuiyang (水樣) is a perfect example of Taiwan’s many natural hidden treasures. Having been greatly affected by the Jiji earthquake in September of 1999, it created a cluster of dying trees and a lake (which was originally […]