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Snorkeling in Taiwan – The Dragon’s Cave

Snorkeling in Taiwan – Long Dong (龍洞) Beautifully clear ocean water rests in the Dragon’s Cave on the East coast of Taiwan. Long Dong (龍洞) is the top location for snorkeling in the North of Taiwan. The coastline’s picturesque golden-gray crags surround you as the you are surrounded by colorful fish, crabs, and other interesting […]

Sky Lanterns – Cleaning Up After the Festival

Taiwan’s Sky Lanterns Festival in Shifen The Hope The Lantern Festival in Taiwan has just come to a close. A visually stunning week of lantern creations celebrating the Year of the Pig spanned across Taiwan. This week is the time when tourists and locals flock to Shifen and Pingxi to light off their wishes of […]

Travel Responsibly – Tips For Your Next Trip

How to Travel Responsibly Traveling abroad is important for many reasons. Personal growth, broadening your horizons, building self confidence, and more. Your travels abroad should also benefit the communities you visit. Make sure to travel responsibly on your next trip. Below are some pointers on how to do so.  Tips on How to Travel Responsibly […]

5 Quick Travel Tips for going Abroad

Everyone loves traveling, but some people always seem to have a better time than others. We might assume that they are just generally happier individuals, but this probably isn’t the case. The reason is because they did (or didn’t do) certain activities during their holiday. If you want to make sure that you get 100% […]

10 Reasons why Taiwan is your ideal gap year destination.

If you spun a globe and placed your finger on a random spot, or threw a dart at a map to find your future gap year destination, it would likely not land on Taiwan. This is what we call “a missed opportunity”. Taiwan is a small ocean-locked region a few hundred miles off the coast […]

Plastic Pollution: How to Fight in 2019

Beach Clean Ups in Taiwan We held our first beach clean up of 2019 over the weekend in Wai’ao, Taiwan. A beautiful black sand beach with a relaxed vibe, Wai’ao is a perfect summer hideout if you want to escape the city madness. Unfortunately, it’s winter, and the beach doesn’t get the proper care it […]

Hiking Huang Di Dian in Taiwan

Taiwan Hiking There’s no better hike to get your blood pumping and calves burning than Huang Di Dian (皇帝殿). Just outside of Taipei, you will explore a fantastic day hike. Start your venture in the quiet town of Shiding climbing an intimidating staircase and high ropes to the seemingly perilous ridges above. This trek is […]

Hiking Wuliaojian in Taiwan

Taipei Hiking Wuliaojian (五寮尖) is one of the best, most interactive day hikes around Taipei. And for good reason! Start your day climbing steep slopes and up rugged terrain towards the many peaks which give way to a perfect 360 degree panorama. While you take in the views, descend down treacherous ridges. Chance seeing monkeys […]

Hiking Manyueyuan in Taiwan

Taipei Hiking Manyueyuan Forest Recreational Park (滿月圓森林遊樂區) is a beautiful hiking location. Located South of Taipei in Sanxia you can enjoy many trails. Escape the metropolitan lifestyle while diving in to pine forests and waterfalls. Manyueyuan is considered one of the best places to watch the leaves change in Autumn as well as to witness […]

Hiking Yunsen Waterfall in Taiwan

Taipei Hiking Located at the Southern point of Sanxia lies a hidden gem known as Yunsen Waterfall, aka Cloud Heart Waterfall (雲心瀑布). The hike takes place along a steep ridge and leads over rope bridges and boulders to the pristine waters below the falls. Either relax and play in the refreshing pool or climb up above […]