Coastal Clean Ups

Once a month TAO hosts free beach clean up events around the coastlines of Taiwan.

On May 5th, 2016, TAO organized Taiwan’s first ever National Clean Up Day. In collaboration with local outdoor groups, ten different locations across Taiwan were catered to, from sky lanterns littering the forest trails, to plastics and fishing debris scattered across the coasts.

Taiwan National Clean Up Day is a yearly event, free for anyone to join.

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Animal Sanctuary Volunteering

Teaming up with The PACK Animal Sanctuary in Sanzhi, TAO brings community members together in order to ensure a more quality habitat for sheltered animals. Animals at The PACK sanctuary range from dogs and cats to pigs and birds. If you would like to inquire as to how you can help, contact TAO at or The PACK sanctuary at

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Wildlife Conservation and Education

Whether it’s a night hike or a nature walk, TAO’s main focus is education and conservation. We strive to keep our guests well-informed about the fragile ecosystem we live in. Taiwan’s biodiversity is one of the most unique in Asia being home to an incredible amount of endemic species ranging from mammals like the Formosan Serow to birds like the Taiwan Blue Magpie.