Upcycling Lessons with TAO!

We had the pleasure of visiting Tinkerseeds Children’s Workshop 創想種子美語 to teach the children how to upcycle! What is “upcycling?” You may ask. Well, upcycling is the action of taking something used or discard, and giving it new purpose. You can upcycle wooden pallets to create furniture, old clothing to mats, rags, decoration, etc. There are plenty of ways to upcycle for your home!

What Did We Do?

Because we are constantly cleaning the beaches and forests in Taiwan, we thought it would be nice to put to use the plastic bottles we find around the sand and forest. We taught the children how to upcycle plastic bottles into flower vases. Through the help of the school teachers, the children each brought a plastic bottle that had been used at home. Using those plastic bottles we taught them the process of how to plant a seed.

First, we cut out the bottles to fill them with soil. Then, the students poked holes with their fingers and put seeds into the holes. Next they watered the seeds and showed off their project! The students took the new flower vases home to water and record the progress of the flowers.

TAO-Taiwan_school-trip-environmental-education TAO-Taiwan_school-trip-environmental-education

We believe instilling a love and care for nature and our environment in children is crucial. Without an admiration and appreciation for our environment, there is no one to protect it when it’s beauty and rights are infringed upon.

Through planting seeds of curiosity, and literally planting seeds, we look to educate children on the importance of nature, environmental conservation, and creative thinking!

Environmental Initiatives

If you or your school would like TAO to come by and teach the children about the environment around them, how to protect it, and how to love it, we offer many school outing options!

Please get in touch: contact@taoutings.com