Hiking Huang Di Dian in Taiwan

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There’s no better hike to get your blood pumping and calves burning than Huang Di Dian (皇帝殿). Just outside of Taipei, you will explore a fantastic day hike. Start your venture in the quiet town of Shiding climbing an intimidating staircase and high ropes to the seemingly perilous ridges above. This trek is not for the faint of heart, but what good adventure really is?

Huang Di Dian TAO Hiking Taiwan Tours

Begin your day with a 25-minute drive to the quaint little town of Shiding. Huang Di Dian starts here; take a walk towards the temple gates and up an exhausting flight of stairs to begin with. They are short lived, and provide excellent views until the true trail begins.

Huang Di Dian TAO Hiking Taiwan Tours

Once there, the trail is full of rough terrain and is very interactive. You have to negotiate chain ladders, the longest being 30 meters, rope climbs, narrow ridge lines and a massive chain rope ascent! This hike is comparable to Wuliaojian in its adventurous nature, and should not be missed while in Taipei.

Huang Di Dian TAO Hiking Taiwan Tours

From the excellent chain ascent,  you can continue onwards for hours more, or catch the next trail veering down the mountain to your right. From here you’ll end at Huangde temple with a bus stop back into Taipei City!

How to get there?

From Muzha MRT Station (BR02), take bus 666 to Shiding Old Street. The bus is roughly 30 minutes to 1 hour of a ride, depending on how often it stops.

If you have private transportation, the drive to Shiding is roughly 15-20 minutes from Muzha.

If you would like to explore this hike, or other hikes in Taiwan, let us know!