Taiwan National Clean Up Day

3rd Annual

Taiwan National Clean Up Day

May 25th, 2019

May 25th, 2019 marks the 3rd annual Taiwan National Clean Up day, an initiative started by Taiwan Adventure Outings. Taiwan National Clean Up day will take place across 20 locations in Taiwan, from coastlines to forests, in an effort to clean 10,000kg worth of garbage.

In 2018, Taiwan National Clean Up day and the 600+ volunteers were responsible for cleaning up 4 tons of garbage across 14 locations from Taiwan’s forests and beaches. This year, the goals have been elevated. On May 25th, 2019, Taiwan National Clean Up day aims to clean over 10,000 kg, and attract 2,000 volunteers. The locations have been expanded to 20, with a variety of companies and organizations sponsoring each location.

2019 Locations

Below is the list of location’s for 2019. Click on each location to lead to the corresponding event page. Each event page will have all necessary details regarding location, time, etc.


Hualien                  Pingxi

Dulan                      Shifen

Wanli                      Fulong

Yehliu               Baishawan

    Tainan               Qianshuiwan

Jinshan               Long Dong

Fangliao                   Ruifang

Miaoli                      Keelung

Taichung                         Bali

Tamsui                       Wai’ao

Headline Sponsors

Location Sponsors