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Zhuilu Old Trail Taroko Gorge TAO Taiwan Tour

    Zhuilu Old Trail / River Exploration

    Hiking, River Tracing

    Taroko Gorge Hiking Taroko Gorge (太魯閣國家公園) is one of Taiwan’s nine spectacular national parks. Due to the location, it’s history is full of aboriginal culture, Japanese colonization, and the war between the two. Hiking Zhuilu Old Trail offers the most…

    from NT$5,000
    LuPi River TAO Taiwan Tours

      LuPi River

      River Tracing

      Yilan River Tracing We often refer to LuPi River (鹿皮溪) Trace as "The Playground" due to it's abundance of fun rope climbs, large pools to play in, and it's iconic waterfall slide at the beginning. Hands down, this is one…

      from NT$2,400
      TAO Taiwan Tour Sanjhan Hualien

        Sanjhan Village & Golden Grotto

        Camping, Homestay, River Tracing

        The Sanjhan (三棧) tribe and Golden Grotto are both located within the heart of Taroko. The people there are kind, welcoming, and best of all, lively. Upon arriving, we will be greeted with festivities, incredible food, and a taste of…

        from NT$5,000
        Teapot Mountain TAO Taiwan Hiking Tour

          Teapot Mountain


          Taipei Hiking Teapot Mountain (茶壺山) truly is a photographer’s paradise. A lush green landscape blankets the mountainside. Deep hues of blue from the ocean add an incredible background to this scenic hike. Start your trip climbing the steep steps above…

          from NT$1,900