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James A.
James A. This is the best group I’ve ever toured with. It’s rough, in the best way possible. I went to the Sanjhan Hunter games and wound up cliff diving off an old watchtower and climbing three waterfalls to get to the… Read More
Tyler O.
Tyler O. Taiwan Adventure Outings was a great experience. I went on two different hikes (Cloud Heart Waterfall and Sandiaoling) with Dustin and Ryan, and they were extremely helpful and considerate during the hikes. They made sure everyone in the group was… Read More
Leonard C.
Leonard C. I was travelling from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia to Taipei and TAO helped to organized a short day-out to Long Dong Bay for some Rock Climbing and Cliff Diving adventures. If you’re looking for some affordable adventure arrangements. These are your… Read More
Alex L.
Alex L. Took a trip with TAO to Longdong for some snorkeling only, but also ended up cliff jumping despite my fear of heights! Both Dustin and Ryan are very knowledgeable when it comes to details and what you’ll need and what… Read More