Hiking Wuliaojian in Taiwan

Taipei Hiking

Wuliaojian (五寮尖) is one of the best, most interactive day hikes around Taipei. And for good reason! Start your day climbing steep slopes and up rugged terrain towards the many peaks which give way to a perfect 360 degree panorama. While you take in the views, descend down treacherous ridges. Chance seeing monkeys and other intriguing wildlife along the way as you continue. As you finish, you are guaranteed to want another round!

Wuliaojian TAO Hiking Taiwan Tours

From your arrival to the trailhead, the ascent winds up a fairly gradual climb, including ropes, ladders, and rocks. Wuliaojian is an extremely interactive climb from the beginning until the end.

The high narrow ridges at the top will provide stunning 360 views and the proper mix of fear and excitement. The highlight of the hike is no doubt the 30-meter rope descent. On a weekend there will most likely be a queue for it, but the feature is well worth the time. There are two ropes to descend, the first being shorter and the second being the longest.


Wuliaojian TAO Hiking Taiwan Tours

Wuliaojian TAO Hiking Taiwan Tours

The trail has maps with different routes to get back to the trailhead. From the giant tree go straight down and you’ll be back in 30 minutes or so. Take care on the way down as it can be tough on the knees and slippery after rain!

How to get there?

From Dingpu MRT Station (B01), take a taxi roughly 20-30 minutes to the Wuliaojian trailhead. Getting back can be tricky, as buses are scarce. Ask the taxi to pick you up at a certain time when you’ve finished hiking.

If you would like to explore this hike, or other hikes in Taiwan, let us know!