Month: February 2019


Sky Lanterns – Cleaning Up After the Festival

Taiwan's Sky Lanterns Festival in Shifen The Hope The Lantern Festival in Taiwan has just come to a close. A visually stunning week of lantern creations celebrating the Year of the Pig spanned across Taiwan. This week is the time when tourists and locals flock to Shifen and Pingxi to light off their wishes of good fortune and luck in the form of sky lanterns. Many tourists don't realize, the…

TAO Sileng Camping

Travel Responsibly – Tips For Your Next Trip

How to Travel Responsibly Traveling abroad is important for many reasons. Personal growth, broadening your horizons, building self confidence, and more. Your travels abroad should also benefit the communities you visit. Make sure to travel responsibly on your next trip. Below are some pointers on how to do so.  Tips on How to Travel Responsibly Before Traveling Find out as much as possible. The more you know about an area…