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5 Quick Travel Tips for going Abroad

Everyone loves traveling, but some people always seem to have a better time than others. We might assume that they are just generally happier individuals, but this probably isn’t the case. The reason is because they did (or didn’t do) certain activities during their holiday. If you want to make sure that you get 100% out of your next trip, take some advice from these five tips. 1. Don’t Plan…

10 Reasons why Taiwan is your ideal gap year destination.

If you spun a globe and placed your finger on a random spot, or threw a dart at a map to find your future gap year destination, it would likely not land on Taiwan. This is what we call "a missed opportunity". Taiwan is a small ocean-locked region a few hundred miles off the coast of China. It's often confused with Thailand and it's signature dish literally has the word…

Taiwan National Clean Up Day 2018

The results are in! On May 20th, 2018, Taiwan National Clean Up Day had 14 locations with volunteers cleaning up the coastlines and forests of Taiwan. An incredible amount of garbage was collected! This year's 2nd annual Taiwan National Clean Up Day, organized by Taiwan Adventure Outings and sponsored by Quiksilver & Roxy , was a massive success. We had an abundance of companies and groups step up to lead each…

Taiwan National Clean Up Day 2018

It is that time of year! We need your help with Taiwan National Clean Up Day! If you have wondered how you could offset your carbon footprint, here is your chance. While enjoying the sun and the community, clean up the garbage on the coast! Taiwan National Clean Up Event is in its second year running this coming May 20, 2018 and will take place in over ten locations across…

Centered on Taipei

Centered on Taipei featured us in the Travel section of their November issue! The article goes into depth about how TAO was founded as well as our vision for the company and desire to keep Taiwan clean and people educated about pollution. The photos included are from Stegosaurus Ridge, Wanli, and one of our popular beach cleanups! Read about it on page 29 here:

G’day Feicui

Australian blogger an journalist Quyen Tran wrote about her experience at Feicui Valley and Zhuilu Old Trail with us on her site G'day Taiwan where she highlights the best aspects of Taiwan living. Feicui Valley is a crystal clear stream with deep blue pools leading to a striking waterfall. Zhuilu Old Trail is one of the most famous hiking locations in Taroko and all around Taiwan. It's a cliffside trail…

TAO Night Hikes

Taiwan Business Topics recently featured our night hikes in a lengthy article about "herping". Our wildlife night hikes allow guests to see Taiwan in a totally different environment. A vast amount of mammals, amphibians, and reptiles are nocturnal, so they are extremely active in the Summer time. What a treat! Read about it here:

Finding the TAO

We were recently featured in the Taipei Times for one of our most popular hikes! People come from all over the world to hike trails in Taiwan like Sandiaoling. Complete with three waterfalls and a beautiful pool overlooking the third and tallest waterfall, Sandiaoling hiking trail is by far one of our favorites. Read about it here:

Taiwan Nationwide Clean Up Day!

Taiwan Nationwide Clean Up was a massive success! Thanks to our volunteers and leaders who came together, 10 groups in all, to clean up various locations along the coastline and forests of Taiwan. Through sponsorship from CGM Volunteers, and in conjunction with Taipei Hikers, Rising Sun Surf Inn, Love Your Coast, and various other local volunteers we were able to organize clean up events in Fulong Beach, Jinshan, Baishawan, Xindian,…