Snorkeling in Taiwan – The Dragon’s Cave

Snorkeling in Taiwan – Long Dong (龍洞)

Beautifully clear ocean water rests in the Dragon’s Cave on the East coast of Taiwan. Long Dong (龍洞) is the top location for snorkeling in the North of Taiwan. The coastline’s picturesque golden-gray crags surround you as the you are surrounded by colorful fish, crabs, and other interesting sea life roaming the coral below.

Long Dong Snorkeling TAO Taiwan Tours

Long Dong gets its name from the shape of the coastline resembling a dragon laying down. Long Dong ((龍洞) translates to Dragon’s Cave. Upon your arrival, you will have to scramble over the coastline rock formations for 20 minutes before reaching the ideal snorkeling destination – The Dragon’s Cave. After working up a real sweat, the crystal clear ocean will feel excellent! There are hundreds of fish and underwater critters to gaze at while snorkeling, and some nice cliffs to jump off!

Long Dong Snorkeling TAO Taiwan Tours

Things to Consider

It is advised to stay out of the ocean during winter due to high tides and strong currents on the east coast. There is NO shade whatsoever at the snorkeling spot. Take umbrellas, tarps, and plenty of sunscreen when you go! Snorkeling equipment can be rented from a shop at the entrance. There are also small snacks and drinks, so to be safe bring your own lunch.

Long Dong Snorkeling TAO Taiwan Tours

How to Get There

From Taipei the drive is roughly 1.5 hours to the east coast of Taiwan, Long Dong Ocean park (龍洞). Emerging from the mountains surrounding Taipei, to the north eastern coastline is spectacular. Look to the ocean for turquoise waters and fishermen braving the crashing waves. Look to the mountains to see amazing day hikes like Teapot Mountain.

Bus is another option. Take Bus 1811 or 1812 from Taipei Main Station to Longdonggang (Long An Temple) stop.


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