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TAO works with schools and camps to host excursions, educational classes, and cleanups for children between the ages of six and twelve.

Excursions, classes, and cleanups are led by native English speaking instructors.

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TAO works with many companies from around the world to promote team building, green education, and corporate social responsibility.

  • Team Building: For any company to have an effective workforce, teamwork, synergy, and good morale are crucial. TAO provides activities that incorporate teamwork in a fun and safe environment all while providing education about the outdoors.
  • Green Education: As an active member of the outdoor community, TAO provides educational nature walks with lessons about our fragile surrounding environment with ways to reduce pollution and our overall carbon footprint.
  • ¬†Corporate Social Responsibility: Every month, TAO hosts both beach and forest cleanups to offset the pollution that we contribute towards every day. We are very aware of the dire situation of pollution in Taiwan and want to work with your company to make the island of Formosa better and cleaner for everyone.
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Taiwan is Asia’s hidden gem, packed with adventure, culture, beauty and more. Let’s help put Taiwan on the map.

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TAO is always interested in B2B partnerships to promote sustainable practices in Taiwan. Formosa is full of adventure, let us share it with you!