Taiwan National Clean Up Day 2019


The results are in for our 3rd Annual Taiwan National Clean Up Day! On May 25th, 2019, there were 20 locations around Taiwan pitching in and getting dirty to help keep Taiwan beautiful. More importantly, the goal was to raise awareness to the massive negative impact plastic pollution, the fishing industry, and unsustainable tourism has on our country and the world.

This year, across 20 locations in Taiwan, from forests to coastlines in the north, west, east and south, over 600 volunteers showed up to lend a hand. All in all, these 600+ volunteers incredibly hauled 8,602 kg of trash off of the coastlines and forests of Taiwan! That is over 8.6 TONNES of trash in ONE DAY, across the WHOLE COUNTRY!


Taichung (台中): 2,659 kg
Tamsui (淡水): 800kg
Dajeon Beach (大田寮): 700kg
Qianshuiwan (淺水灣): 687kg
Fulong Beach(福隆海水): 536kg
Dulan (都爛): 400kg
Miaoli (苗栗): 350kg
Jinshan (金山): 340kg
Long Dong (龍洞): 337kg
Baishawan (白沙灣): 300kg
Hualien (花蓮): 260kg
Ruifang (瑞芳): 229kg
Shifen (十分): 197kg
Yehliu (野柳地質): 194kg
Keelung (基隆): 155kg
Wai’ao (外澳): 149kg
Fangliao (枋寮): 128kg
Tainan (台南): 90kg
Wanli (萬里): 71kg
Pingxi (平溪): 20kg

Taiwan Adventure Outings organizes beach and forest clean up events knowing we cannot clean it all. That is seemingly impossible. But what we can do is bring the community together for a cause, to do our part in raising awareness and educating those who are unaware of the massive impact plastic consumption, unsustainable tourism, and the fishing industry (to name a few) have on our environment. It’s on us as a community to impact change, together. Changing our daily routines, and demanding change on a corporate and policy level.



Reduce, Reuse, Recycle is cliche, and still has some merit, however we recommend something else. How about… REDUCE REDUCE and REDUCE. Reduce your plastic consumption by using your own thermos for water and coffee. Stop your use of single use utensils like soup spoons and chopsticks by bringing your own. Taiwan, and greater Asia as a whole, have a huge problem with single use plastics at restaurants. You can greatly reduce your impact by bringing the above items with you.

Really think, do you need to use a straw? Unless you have a disability that warrant one the answer is no, you don’t. Ever. Can you use a thermos for water and coffee? Yes, you can. Always. Can you bring reusable eating utensils with you? Absolutely. Why keep using single use plastics and polluting your Earth. We can all be better.

Say no to plastic bags. Taiwan has pledged to go plastic free by 2030, and already the Environmental Protection Agency has banned single-use bags in seven industries this year.

Say NO to lighting Sky Lanterns on your holiday to Taiwan. The tourist activity of lighting and flying sky lanterns might look cool for Instagram, but it is an environmental disaster. Your wishes and dreams do not fly off to become true because they crash down to the rivers and forests around the mountains. We are only able to access a minimal amount relative to the hundreds of thousands left to trash the environment around us. Please consider this before taking part in this activity.

Join beach and forest clean ups! These events bring communities together for a cause. They help raise awareness of our plastic consumption, educate on proper disposal methods, and put a massive smile on everyone’s face! If you would like to fight plastic pollution, please join contact us!



For Taiwan National Clean Up Day, we would like to thank the following companies and organizations for taking charge and sponsoring TNCU and hosting one of the 20 locations.

A special thank you goes to Roxy Taiwan, Quiksilver, Titoma Design Ltd. for being our headline sponsors. Thank you to those who took the charge and hosted each location as well: The Key, Toasteria Cafe, NALA’s Mexican Food, FutureWard, Subs, 花蓮 : Lazy house – 廢在這背包客棧/工作室, SUP DAILY 立槳&衝浪&旅行, Rising Sun Surf Inn, Origin Yoga & Wellness 起源瑜伽, Taipei Hikers, Southern Taiwan Hiking, 台科大水上活動社, SPOT, 思多浪 – Stoke Hound

And of course thank you to WRAPTIE for co hosting this year’s event!