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5 Quick Travel Tips for going Abroad

Everyone loves traveling, but some people always seem to have a better time than others. We might assume that they are just generally happier individuals, but this probably isn’t the case. The reason is because they did (or didn’t do) certain activities during their holiday. If you want to make sure that you get 100% out of your next trip, take some advice from these five tips.

1. Don’t Plan Everything

Hehuanshan, Taiwan

Good travelers plan, but great travelers plan for the unexpected. If you’re in a new country, leave a few days open to travel around and get “lost.” Often times, opportunities will present themselves without being prompted and you may get to try something you didn’t read about in an online article or see on TV. As John Lennon once said, “Life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans.”

2. Make, Arrange, and Achieve a Goal

LongDong, Taiwan

Traveling isn’t just about going to a new place, it’s about trying new experiences. This especially includes experiences that may be intimidating or difficult. Are you afraid of sharks? Go cage diving. Afraid of heights? Go cliff jumping. Cant cook? Take cooking classes. Going abroad isn’t just about a change of environment, it’s about personal change as well. You’ll come back a better person from your trip and will have gained a lot more than just a few additional likes on your instagram.

3. Volunteer

The PACK Animal Sanctuary, Taiwan

There’s a good chance that some of you let out an audible shudder after reading the word “volunteer,” but volunteering really does make a good trip much, much better. This echoes back to the previous point about becoming a better person, but instead of doing things for yourself, you would be doing something for others. Volunteering doesn’t have to take up much of your vacation time, but it will leave a lasting impression with those you visit. Send a few emails ahead of time, get in touch with a local volunteer group and check out any teaching, conservation, construction, childcare, or animal care opportunities that speak to you. A little bit of a good deed goes a long way.

4. Connect with Others

Hualien, Taiwan

If you’re familiar with the butterfly effect, then you know that a single connection can change the course of a person’s entire life. Going back to the Beatles reference, John Lennon and Paul McCartney met in Liverpool when John was playing for another band. McCartney made a connection with Lennon by showing him  how to tune his guitar and the rest is history. Basically, you miss 100% of the shots you don’t take (or insert whatever other cliche’ you want). Meet someone while traveling, make a connection, and maintain that connection. In a few years, you might be living an entirely different life.

5. Enjoy the Lulls

Taoyouan, Taiwan

Traveling is not about how much you can experience, it’s about appreciating and enjoying the world around you. Savor the time between the adventures. Read a good book, meditate, or take a walk. There will always be another adventure around the corner, but on your own time. Fight the NEED to do things and embrace the idea that you are in control of your holiday.