Taiwan National Clean Up Day 2018

It is that time of year! We need your help with Taiwan National Clean Up Day! If you have wondered how you could offset your carbon footprint, here is your chance. While enjoying the sun and the community, clean up the garbage on the coast!

Taiwan National Clean Up Event is in its second year running this coming May 20, 2018 and will take place in over ten locations across Taiwan:

Sponsored by Quiksilver & Roxy and organized by Taiwan Adventure Outings in partnership with several international and local enterprises, the event is set to make an even larger positive impact this year.

Our Taiwan National Clean Up event aims to bring environmental awareness to those living in Taiwan, as well as provide fun outdoor activities for families and individuals both young and old.

Every month, for the last two years, TAO, an environmentally conscious adventure company, has been hosting free beach and forest clean up events, with the goal of bringing communities together for environmental conservation, education and engagement.

Fulong Beach Clean up TAO Taiwan Adventure Outings
Taiwan National Clean

Let these numbers soak in for a minute:

While it seems normal, the average Taiwan resident consumes an estimate of 800 plastic bags a year.

Globally the equivalent of one garbage truck per minute is being dumped in the oceans.

Taiwan’s unique geographical location means it is prone to waste washing up on its shores.

Taiwan aims to be free of plastic by 2030, and already the Environmental Protection Agency has banned single-use bags in seven industries this year. Local initiatives like the Taiwan National Clean Up are essential to provide awareness and education about everyday plastic consumption to realize these goals.

The public is welcome to join in on any location by contacting TAO at info@taoutings.com or the Facebook event links above.

Taiwan National Clean Up
Taiwan National Clean Up


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