Taiwan Nationwide Clean Up Day!

Taiwan Nationwide Clean Up was a massive success! Thanks to our volunteers and leaders who came together, 10 groups in all, to clean up various locations along the coastline and forests of Taiwan. Through sponsorship from CGM Volunteers, and in conjunction with Taipei Hikers, Rising Sun Surf Inn, Love Your Coast, and various other local volunteers we were able to organize clean up events in Fulong Beach, Jinshan, Baishawan, Xindian, Pingxi Forests, Dansui, and Wai’ao! Taiwan is our home, and the outdoors is our playground. It is incredibly important to keep the environment we interact with clean, and to educate those around us of the positive impact we can create with various levels of effort.

The difference that each of our volunteers  made was substantial to our beaches and hiking trails. Not only because we cleaned, but we also definitely helped raise awareness for an ongoing issue throughout Taiwan! We would like to thank our friends and sponsors for all their help. You are all incredibly generous with your support and we are thankful for that. We look forward to our next Nationwide Cleanup and we hope that you will all join us again! Thanks for taking time out of your day to make a difference in this beautiful country!