Earth Day Clean Up

We decided to turn Earth Day into Earth Weekend. We took 13 adventurers to the beach in Jinshan, on the North East coast of Taiwan for a weekend of cleaning, camping, yoga and relaxing. The beaches around Taiwan are gorgeous and full of spectacular views. However, with the deteriorating health of our oceans, a ton of garbage washes up to our shores, making these views sometimes less than stellar.

Our goal for the weekend was to make a significant impact, have fun meeting new friends, make the view enjoyable once again, and like always – Open everyone’s eyes to the amount of plastic in our ocean, on our shores, and how we can reduce and educate others about the problem.

Over the weekend our volunteers carried over 60 bags of garbage from the beach, up the cliff, and to the proper disposal location. We are super proud of everyone who came to join the clean up and camp out on the beach.

On MAY 20th, 2017, TAO has organized a Taiwan Nationwide Clean Up event alongside other outdoors groups and companies within Taiwan. Please consider helping bring awareness to your friends and families, using our time for good causes and cleaning up the places we love to enjoy. Let’s keep Taiwan Beautiful.

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