Hiking Yangmingshan in Taipei

Taipei Hiking

Yangmingshan (陽明山) is Taipei’s biggest mountain, and may very well be the most diverse outdoor location within Taipei’s city limits. Due to Yangmingshan’s unique ecology you will witness steamy hot springs, difficult ascents, and wonderful peaks. There are many trails for you to enjoy, so take your time!

Yangmingshan Taipei Taiwan TAO Tour

The main peak, Qixingshan, is a 2 hour climb with a steep grade for the last kilometer. The forested path is beautiful and full of Taiwan’s endemic and common birds. From the peak you can see Taipei 101 in the distance, the coastlines of Taiwan and the surrounding mountain ranges.

Yangmingshan Taipei Taiwan TAO Tour

From the peak there are many options to continue on. You can opt for the fumaroles below at Xiaoyoukeng, or head to the East Peak and onwards to the Qingtiangang Grasslands, where water buffalo graze. Either option is spectacular, and will lead to a bus back in to the city for when you’re finished hiking.

Yangmingshan Taipei Taiwan TAO Tour

If you have private transportation, there are a whole host of trails on the far reaches of Yangmingshan for you to access!

How to get there?

It is quite easy to access Yangmingshan from Taipei’s metro line. Take the RED line to Jiantan Station (R15). Outside of Exit 1 take bus R5 to the terminal station. The bus ride takes roughly 1 hour to 1.5 hours, depending on how often it stops in the mountain.

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