Hiking Yunsen Waterfall in Taiwan

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Located at the Southern point of Sanxia lies a hidden gem known as Yunsen Waterfall, aka Cloud Heart Waterfall (雲心瀑布). The hike takes place along a steep ridge and leads over rope bridges and boulders to the pristine waters below the falls. Either relax and play in the refreshing pool or climb up above the falls for a spectacular aerial view. While soaking in the refreshing river, enjoy the bird calls  and green forest surrounding you.

Cloud Heart Waterfall TAO Taiwan Hiking Tour

The hike is only one hour long and is fairly flat. You will walk along a 20 meter cliff above the stream, cross a rocky ravine, rope bridges, and once you hear crashing water will know that you have almost reached your destination. Enjoy the cool mountain water and scenic falls for an hour before continuing 15 more minutes above the waterfall to have lunch.


Yunsen Waterfall TAO Taiwan Hiking Tour

How to get there?

If you have a vehicle of your own, driving there is quite simple. You can reference the map below. If you have to rely on public transportation here is the best way: Starting from Dingpu MRT station (B1) at the end of the blue line, you will have to hire a taxi for roughly 600 NT one way. Tell the taxi to drop you off at “Yunsen Pubu,” or “Yunsen Waterfall.”

Getting back can be tricky. There is a bus, but it is every hour and will take you to Manyueyuan first, then back to Sanxia. You can also ask the taxi driver for their phone number, or to come at a certain time to pick you up.


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