Sanjhan Tribe and Golden Grotto

Some things never cease to amaze us. Golden Grotto is one of these things. Located in the heart of Hualien county, Golden Grotto is a pristine location with crystal clear water, beautiful waterfalls, and exciting climbs.


golden grotto Taiwan Adventure Outings

Just recently, TAO was given the opportunity to stay with the Sanjan Tribe and experience the customs and culture of the local people. This included learning about the history of the Sanjian people, trying on local clothing, hunting skills (Shooting arrows), trying local cuisine, and getting (temporary) local tattoos!

golden grotto Taiwan Adventure Outings

golden-grotto Sanjhan Tribe Taiwan Adventure Outings

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golden-grotto-aboriginal food taiwan adventure outings

golden-grotto-taiwan adventure outings Sanjhan Tribe

After an exciting day, we camped across the river from the village and got up early to begin our eight hour trek through the river to the Golden Grotto and back. The waters were crystal clear and were both fun to trace up and float down. We even got quite a few cliff jumping opportunities! Our journey ended at a beautiful cave full of waterfalls and fish. This trip is definitely a must!