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Datong Dali Homestay

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Aboriginal Homestay

Datong and Dali villages are nestled in the mountains of Taroko Gorge National Park. Tucked away from the tourist location below, the people are able to live their life unobstructed. With views overlooking the Shakadang Gorge, the Pacific Ocean, and the rest of Taroko, you will find peace and relaxation here. People get away from their devices and connect with one another in the mountains of Taroko. Learn about the history of the tribe, the self sufficient nature of those still around, and soak in the pure beauty of this special location.

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    Maximum 8 pax
All about the Datong Dali Homestay.

Taroko Gorge (太魯閣國家公園) is one of Taiwan’s nine spectacular national parks. Due to the location, it’s history is full of aboriginal culture, Japanese colonization, and the war between the two. Datong and Dali villages are a fantastic place to soak in the culture, views, and enjoy pure peace and relaxation.



Price will change with party size. There is a maximum 8 pax.

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Return transportation from Xincheng to Taroko

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  1. Day 1 Begin

    Meet at Xincheng Station in Hualien County, where we begin our trip. Our staff awaits to transfer to Taroko Gorge National Park, where varied mountain peaks, numerous waterfalls, diverse plant forms and animal life, together with the indigenous Taroko people, create a rich texture of a unique and natural ecosystem.

    Begin our 4 hour hike to our aboriginal homestay for the night. We will climb up steep terrain to reach the villages above. Enjoy a welcome feast and views like no other within Taroko Gorge.

    At night keep warm by the fire while gazing at the stars above. Listen to our host sing songs of the Truku tribe while playing guitar.

  2. Day 2 Sunrise

    Early morning wake up for a short hike up the mountain cliff to view sunrise over the Pacific Ocean. We will perch ourselves 1,000 meters above the ocean below, with the lights of the coastal towns lighting up the night while we await the sun’s arrival.

    Return to our accommodation for breakfast, coffee and tea before packing up and saying goodbye to our hosts. Hike down the mountain to Taroko Gorge National Park Visitor Center and transfer to the train station.