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TAO (Taiwan Adventure Outings) is a travel agency and tour operator created by adventurers for adventurers. Through low-impact tourism and environmental awareness initiatives, we work to provide memorable, adrenaline-packed tours throughout Taiwan.

Our tours have brought families together, fostered friendships, and educated hundreds of individuals about the diversity of Taiwan. Excursions range from the sea to the sky and everything else in-between. Come experience Taiwan’s exotic wildlife on one of our night hikes, jump off a cliff into the crystal clear waters of Taroko, or soar through the sky and land on the beaches of Wai’ao.

We aren’t your typical tour agency. Our desire is to combine the intimacy of community atmosphere with the luxury of a professional tour operator.

Adventure is just around the corner…


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In Chinese, Taoism is a philosophy synonymous with nature, simplicity, and removal from worldly distractions. The idea of Tao is to encourage health, vitality, and the respect of all life. We here at Taiwan Adventure Outings believe just this and incorporate these practices into our tours.

At Taiwan Adventure Outings, we not only pride ourselves on our excursions, but even more so on our environmental programs. Our goal is to keep Taiwan beautiful through environmental awareness and sustainable practices. Each month we host local cleanups around our forests and beaches so that we can keep our destinations pristine and wildlife thriving.

Come join us!