Wai’Ao Beach Community Clean Up

Last weekend, we had an incredible turnout for our monthly beach cleanup at Wai’Ao. Over forty participants ranging from students to business owners participated in the event. In the short span of three hours, we were able to collect over thirty bags of trash!

Special thanks to Rising Sun Surf Inn and Candy Lin for their contribution of reusable bags and gloves. The most common rubbish we found were toothbrushes, polystyrene, and bottles. This is of no surprise as we find large quantities of these during each and every beach cleanup.

One unique thing worthy of note was that there were over twenty porcupine fish that washed up on the beach and died. This was likely due to a quick change in tide or the animals getting trapped within the trash and beached. Porcupine fish (commonly called puffer fish) can be incredibly hazardous to beachgoers as their spines are quite sharp and contain poison.




If you happen to be visiting Taiwan at a time that coincides with one of our beach cleanups, we would be happy to have you! Not only do these cleanups bring attention to a worldwide issue, but it’s also a great way to make friends.


If you would like to host your own cleanup, feel free to contact us!