Taiwan Environmental Initiative 2018 Recap

Taiwan Adventure Outings events in 2018 accounted for over 7 tons of trash collected from Taiwan’s beaches and forests.

Taiwan Adventure Outings loves the outdoors. We hike, we camp, we climb high mountains, we search for wildlife at night. We generally love exploring Taiwan and all its beauty. It’s important, and we do so often. We ask ourselves what we can do to ensure Taiwan’s environment, ecosystem, and our “playgrounds” will remain intact for our generation and those to come. Taiwan is beautiful, how can we keep it that way?

For over two years TAO has hosted free clean up events every month. This includes the annual Taiwan National Clean Up Day, in May. In 2018, as a result from TAO’s environmental clean up initiatives and with the help from our AWESOME volunteers, we have collected over 7 tons of garbage off the coastlines and forests of Taiwan.



How Can We Make A Difference?

Throughout 2018 the waste collected was a wide variety of plastics, glass, sky lanterns, cigarette butts, toothbrushes, straws, large appliances, fishing equipment and more. Below are some recommendations on how to reduce your footprint and consumption of single use plastics.


What to DO

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle is cliche, and still has some merit, however we recommend something else. How about… REDUCE REDUCE and REDUCE. Reduce your plastic consumption by using your own thermos for water and coffee. Stop your use of single use utensils like soup spoons and chopsticks by bringing your own. Taiwan, and greater Asia as a whole, have a huge problem with single use plastics at restaurants. You can greatly reduce your impact by bringing the above items with you.

Say no to plastic bags. Taiwan has pledged to go plastic free by 2030, and already the Environmental Protection Agency has banned single-use bags in seven industries this year.

Say NO to lighting Sky Lanterns on your holiday to Taiwan. The tourist activity of lighting and flying sky lanterns might look cool for Instagram, but it is an environmental disaster. Your wishes and dreams do not fly off to become true because they crash down to the rivers and forests around the mountains. We are only able to access a minimal amount relative to the hundreds of thousands left to trash the environment around us. Please consider this before taking part in this activity.


Join beach and forest clean ups! These events bring communities together for a cause. They help raise awareness of our plastic consumption, educate on proper disposal methods, and put a massive smile on everyone’s face!

For the New Year, because we love Taiwan, we will continue to expand our environmental initiatives, build on Taiwan National Clean Up Day, and continue to keep Taiwan beautiful!

Here’s to 2019!