Water Sports

Be Adventurous

Sanjhan Village / Golden Grotto

The Sanjhan tribe and Golden Grotto are both located within the heart of Taroko. The people there are kind, welcoming, and best of all, lively. Upon arriving, we will be greeted with festivities, incredible food, and a taste of local culture and customs. You won’t experience another place quite as beautiful and intriguing as Sanjhan. […]

FeiCui Stream River Trace

Hualien County is one of Taiwan’s most beautiful areas, with tourists visiting daily to explore Taroko Gorge. Enter FeiCui Valley (琉璃瀑布), south of Hualien city, in the aboriginal Truku land. FeiCui stream offers gorgeous river tracing perfect for beginners. Crystal clear waters flow through massive marble boulders, past waterfalls, and into a perfect natural swimming hole. […]

Long Dong Snorkeling

Beautifully clear ocean water rests in the Dragon’s Cave on the East coast of Taiwan. Long Dong (龍洞) is the top location for snorkeling in the North of Taiwan. The coastline’s picturesque golden-gray crags surround you as the you are surrounded by colorful fish, crabs, and other interesting sea life roaming the coral below.    […]

Jinshan SUP

Enjoy the calm ocean waters off the Mystery Coast in Northern Taiwan by paddling to the famous Candlestick Rocks. Stand Up Paddleboard (SUP) is a great activity to get the blood flowing and work your balance all while enjoying a stretch of Taiwan’s gorgeous coastline. Don’t forget to take a break, jump in and snorkel! […]

Jia Jiu Liao River Trace

Jia Jiu Liao (加九寮) stream is perfect for beginners, and just outside Taipei in the lush jungles of Wulai. Under the green forest, full of birds, butterflies and other wildlife, the Jia Jiu Liao stream is relatively flat with gorgeous natural water slides, culminating in a big, steep, waterfall climb. A local favorite in Taiwan.   […]