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Taroko Gorge (太魯閣國家公園) is one of Taiwan’s nine spectacular national parks. It’s history is full of aboriginal culture, Japanese colonization, and the war between the two. Gaze at the marble gorge, cut by the Liwu River from scooters and various hiking trails. FeiCui stream, is south of Taroko, and offers pristine swimming in a wild environment. 




Day 1

Begin from the east coast of Taiwan, in the quaint farm county of Hualien. From the train station we will rent scooters and take a cruise along the mountainside for 30 minutes until we reach Taroko National Park.

We will take a journey with our scooters through different landmarks of Taroko Gorge, drive to Swallows Grotto, winding through the Tunnel of Nine Turns, take a break from the scooters and use our feet, hiking to the Eternal Spring Shrine. After this we will drive our scooters out of Taroko Gorge to the gorgeous Qingshui Cliffs.

When the sun gets low, we will make our way to the campsite on the mountainside, overlooking the gorgeous farmland of Hualien, and the Phillipine Sea. We will cook dinner, set up camp, and enjoy the view while the stars light up the sky overhead.


Day 2

Early morning wake up for a spectacular sunrise over the Phillipine Sea. We will cook up breakfast and make our way down the mountain, taking a relaxing cruise along the mountainside for 30 minutes until we reach the aboriginal lands of the Truku tribe. On arrival we hike through a bat cave, through the forest for about 25 minutes before we reach the pristine waters of FeiCui stream.

We will trace through the river upstream, until we reach a large natural swimming hole. From there a waterfall awaits just an hour ahead. FeiCui stream is a fantastic place to feel secluded with nature, and marvel at the pure beauty of this lesser known area.

After a full afternoon of unabashed beauty, we will head back to Hualien to return our scooters. From here trains back to Taipei are available, or continuing on along Hualien and the east coast of Taiwan are supreme possibilities.



Drivers license, suitable hiking clothing, swimwear, sunscreen, insect repellent


Camping gear, river tracing booties, scooter rental fee, camping fee, breakfast (1), lunch (2), dinner (1), all permit fees


Drivers permit, breakfast first day, return transport to Hualien, gratuity


Daily based on minimum 2pax per departure. If you are traveling solo, no worries, just let us know and we can implement a single supplement surcharge.


Hikers and climbers with energy and skill. Good balance is a plus! A TAO Adventure guide who will be imparting knowledge on the local flora and fauna will accompany you.



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