Smangus / Zhenxibao

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Smangus (司馬庫斯部落), the gorgeous, remote aboriginal village in the mountains of Hsinchu County, is surrounded by epic mountain views, bamboo forests and ancient tree groves. The Ayatal tribe resides here, and the local culture is protected through tourism initiatives from the whole of Smangus village. An hour away by car and winding roads is Zhenxibao. Another indigenous village in the mountains with a network of trails looping through pristine forests and even larger ancient tree groves. 




Picked up at your location in Taipei at 7am to drive roughly 3.5 hours to the mountains of Hsinchu. The roads are closed in the afternoon, making an early start necessary. Upon arrival to Smangus village, we will set up our tents, have a quick lunch, and begin a five hour hike to the ancient tree groves. This trail winds through incredible bamboo forests, where the creaking of the tall bamboo chutes will make you think wild animals are all around. Over vast mountain views, and finally to the thousands of years old ancient trees. 

We return to the campsite for sunset and dinner, when soon after the stars will shine bright overhead and throughout the night. 



Early morning wake up to see sunrise, and eat breakfast in the village of Smangus. Afterwards we drive to Zhenxibao village. The ancient tree grove on the outskirts of this village is larger than the previous day, and is home to the famously formed King Tree, Adam Tree, and Eve tree, among many others. For five hours we will hike through the beautiful morning lit forest, which is illuminated with emerald green leaves. After completing the ancient tree grove loop, we will return to our vehicle and begin the drive back to the city. 

The mountains are colder than the cities of Taiwan, so be prepared with warm clothing for the night air. 




Small snacks: chocolate, 1 liter water, comfortable hiking clothing, comfortable hiking shoes, change of clothes, warm jacket/clothing for night, rain jacket, sunscreen, hat for sun protection. 


Camping equipment: tent, sleeping bag, sleeping pad, breakfast (1), lunch (2), dinner (1), return transfer to Taipei city, a TAO Adventure Guide. 


Breakfast (1), snacks, gloves, water.


Daily based on minimum 2pax per departure. If you are traveling solo, no worries, just let us know and we can implement a single supplement surcharge.


Hikers and climbers with energy and skill. Good balance is a plus! A TAO Adventure guide who will be imparting knowledge on the local flora and fauna will accompany you.




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