Night Hikes

Be Adventurous


Experience the jungles of Taiwan in a different light – no light to be exact. With just the headlamp glow we will search the forest floors, trees, and rivers for wildlife. Just outside the cityscapes of Taipei lie an abundance of snakes and amphibians, with a variety of owls and mammals scattered around the forest trails. Night hikes are the best way to spot these creatures! 

Taiwan is home to 1,257 total species (mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians, butterflies, fresh water fish). Twenty percent of the species are endemic to Taiwan, with 32% of reptiles being endemic and a massive 46% of amphibians only found on the island of Taiwan.

Come join us on a night hike in the forests of Taiwan, and watch the ground and the trees come alive through the glow of your headlamp. Contact us to get your tour set up! 

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