Dali & Datong

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The villages of Dali and Datong are located 1,000 meters up between the Taroko Visitor’s Center and the popular Shakadang trail. These two small but captivating villages boast both incredible views and accommodating individuals. This tough, but satisfying trek is both memorable and full of adventure for those who like culture and excitement.



Day 1

Wake up in Hualien at 7:00am for breakfast on your own before departing for Taroko National Park. After getting permits, we will proceed to make our way to the trailhead located conveniently within the visitor’s center. We will tackle a series of stairs and angled slopes revealing glimpses of the gorge as we make our way up. After three to four hours, we will arrive at the top of the trail at a linear logging road, which connects the two villages of Dali and Datong.

Dali is an extremely small village which is home to beautiful views of Taroko gorge and an iconic church which sits overlooking the mountainside. We will stop here to rest and eat our lunch before departing for Datong.

The road connecting Dali and Datong is both flat and open which makes for a very easy trek. We will arrive in Datong as the sun is setting which should illuminate the small village. The few villagers of Datong will undoubtedly greet us with smiles and warm food. We will sit by the fire, relax, and get some rest as we learn about the people’s customs and traditions in the mountaintop village. We will get some early shut-eye as our morning trek to the peak will require a 5:00 wake up to eat breakfast and see the sunrise.


Day 2

After sunrise, we will hike back one kilometer to the entrance of the Shakadang Trail. The trail leading to the Shakadang stream is both narrow and sloped, so guests will want to be cautious. After two hours of hiking, we will arrive at the stream where we will eat lunch, rest, and swim before finally departing for the visitors center.



Small snacks: chocolate, 1 liter water, comfortable hiking clothing, comfortable hiking shoes, change of clothes, warm jacket/clothing for night, rain jacket, sunscreen, hat for sun protection.


Breakfast (1), lunch (2), dinner (1),  a TAO Adventure Guide.


Breakfast (1), snacks, water.


Daily based on minimum 2pax per departure. If you are traveling solo, no worries, just let us know and we can implement a single supplement surcharge.


Hikers and climbers with energy and skill. Good balance is a plus! A TAO Adventure guide who will be imparting knowledge on the local flora and fauna will accompany you.



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