Birding in Taiwan

Be Adventurous



Depending on your wishes, your checklist and your ability, we will craft an itinerary around different areas of Taiwan. Whether its migratory birds you are after down south, or the endemics scattered across the mountains, we will create the itinerary to put you in the right position for your birding pleasures. 

Taiwan is one of the top countries in the world for Birders, because of the complex topography allowing a  wide range of species to inhabit, and migrate to the island. Due to drastic elevation changes, Taiwan contains diverse climatic environments from the tropics to subtropics, temperate zone and alpine zones. Due to the isolation of Taiwan, there are 15 endemic species, such as the Mikado Pheasant, and 69 endemic subspecies, such as the Taiwan Barbet. On record there are around 550 species of migratory and resident birds in Taiwan. 

Contact us to get the wheels in motion and your birding list checked off! 

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