Aboriginal Homestays

Be Adventurous

Dali & Datong

The villages of Dali and Datong are located 1,000 meters up between the Taroko Visitor’s Center and the popular Shakadang trail. These two small but captivating villages boast both incredible views and accommodating individuals. This tough, but satisfying trek is both memorable and full of adventure for those who like culture and excitement. THE PROGRAM […]


Smangus (司馬庫斯部落), the gorgeous, remote aboriginal village in the mountains of Hsinchu County, is surrounded by epic mountain views, bamboo forests, and ancient tree groves. The Ayatal tribe resides here, and the local culture is protected through tourism initiatives from the whole of Smangus village. An hour away by car and across winding roads is […]

Sanjhan Village / Golden Grotto

The Sanjhan tribe and Golden Grotto are both located within the heart of Taroko. The people there are kind, welcoming, and best of all, lively. Upon arriving, we will be greeted with festivities, incredible food, and a taste of local culture and customs. You won’t experience another place quite as beautiful and intriguing as Sanjhan. […]