Company Cleanups


    For companies looking to give back to the environment, nothing is more fulfilling than working together to protect and preserve our beaches, forests, and oceans. Show the world how much…

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    Yuanzui-Yuanzuishan-Hiking-TAO-Taiwan Adventure Outings

      Yuanzui Mountain


      Yuanzui Mountain (鳶嘴山) Is a fun, interactive climb that allows you to stand above the clouds and gives views of the iconic Jade Mountain in the distance. Experience incredible pine…

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      Zhuilu Old Trail Taroko Gorge TAO Taiwan Tour

        Zhuilu Old Trail / River Exploration

        Hiking, River Tracing

        Taroko Gorge (太魯閣國家公園) is one of Taiwan’s nine spectacular national parks. It’s history is full of aboriginal culture, Japanese colonization, and the war between the two. Hiking Zhuilu Old Trail…

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        Puyuma Harvest Festival Taitung Taiwan

          Puyuma Hunting Rite


          Many people flock to the city of Taipei to watch the fireworks boom off of Taipei 101 to mark the beginning of the new year. What few may know, is…

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          Long Dong Snorkeling TAO Taiwan Tours

            LongDong Snorkeling


            Beautifully clear ocean water rests in the Dragon’s Cave on the East coast of Taiwan. Long Dong (龍洞) is the top location for snorkeling in the North of Taiwan. The…

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            LuPi River TAO Taiwan Tours

              LuPi River

              River Tracing

              We often refer to LuPi River (鹿皮溪) Trace as "The Playground" due to it's abundance of fun rope climbs, large pools to play in, and it's iconic waterfall slide at…

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