Our Adventures




Action Sports


Jump into the world of Taiwan’s action sports – whether its rock climbing, mountain biking, paragliding or more – We will put you in place to have your heart thumping while taking in the beauty of Taiwan’s different landscapes.

Water Sports


Take a dip into the clear, flowing rivers throughout Taiwan. Swim with the fishes off the gorgeous coastlines. Get on a board and cruise, whether surfing or paddling, around the stunning landscapes all around the island. For those who love to get wet, we will put you in the most gorgeous of locations around Taiwan’s many water activities!



Camping taiwan adventure tours trip




Wake up to the birds chirping, the dew dropping to the forest floor, and the waves rolling in for sunrise. Hammocks and tents provide some of the best accommodations around Taiwan, getting you in touch with the purity of nature. Mountains, forests, or beaches, where would you like to wake up?



Taiwan is a country with a vast network of trails. Spanning coastal views and dense forests, up in the high mountains or down in the valleys, we can get you set up to trek. Full day trips, multi day trips, or just a half day of hiking through the lush scenery of Taiwan is waiting for you!



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Aboriginal Homestays


Get away from the city, the modernized comforts and the noise, to live and learn from the culture and practices of Taiwan’s first people. Wake up to the noises of the surrounding land, learn how local tribes preserve their culture through art, crafts, and traditions.