Hualien Excursion!

Over the weekend we had the pleasure of touring a young group of men and women to one of our favorite locations in Taiwan… Hualien! Getting outside of Taipei City is always refreshing, but Hualien has a certain calmness to it. The gorgeous scenery on display is always uplifting, while the mix of adventure will keep you on your toes.

Our usual trip will start on day one with a seasonal river exploration. This still being a blazing hot summer day, we chose a great beginner river trace. This particular river has some of the best natural swimming holes you will ever see! Crystal clear water, deep enough for cliff jumping, and gorgeous jungle scenery.

On Day 2 we ventured inside Taroko Gorge National Park, to hike the historic Zhuilu Old Trail. This trail is a classic Taroko hike, sitting 335 meters (1100ft) above the Liwu River. The narrow cliffside offers the best views within Taroko Gorge, and we really lucked out with a clear day.

There is history with this trail, as it was built as a “cross mountain highway” by indigenous groups of the area. You can still find landmarks of old villages and outposts. The trail was later further developed and used by the Japanese as a means to subdue the aboriginals inside Taroko Gorge. Finally, the Japanese turned the trail into a popular tourist attraction for Japanese travelers to Taiwan.

Now, it is a trail with a steep 3k uphill climb and 500 meters of cliffside trail. Permits are needed to access this trail, and you must enter before 10am.

Have a look at this gorge-ous Gorge!

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