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Stegosaurus Ridge

Stegosaurus Ridge is quite possibly the finest day hike in Northern Taiwan. The knife ridge sticks out above an abandoned copper mine, the blue coastline and links up to Teapot mountain. Scrambling over the trail-less ridge line is exhilarating and challenging, with the opportunity to stand over the cliff on Buddha’s Tongue for a picture […]

Cloud Heart Waterfall

Located at the Southern point of Sanxia lies a hidden gem known as Cloud Heart Waterfall (雲心瀑布). The hike takes place along a steep ridge and leads over rope bridges and boulders to the pristine waters below the falls. Relax and play in the refreshing pool or climb up above the falls for a spectacular aerial view. […]

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Silver Stream Cave

Silver Stream Cave (銀河洞越嶺步道) rests on the outskirts of Xindian in Taipei. One of the more unique temples you will see, because it is embedded into the cliffside of Maokong Mountain. The fast flowing waterfall overhead offers a gorgeous viewpoint from the mountain back towards the city. The trail continues up over the famous tea gardens. […]


Yangmingshan (陽明山) is Taipei’s biggest mountain, and may very well be the most diverse outdoor location within Taipei’s city limits. Witness steamy hot springs, difficult ascents, and a peaks that are beautiful enough to silence a crowd. Call in sick and join us for an excursion as we take you to one of our favorite local spots. […]

The Four Beasts

The Four Beasts (Elephant (象山), Leopard (豹山), Lion (獅山) and Tiger (虎山) Mountains) are on the doorstep of Taipei and are a simple trek that includes rope climbs, clear cut paths, and perfect picturesque locations. This trip is ideal for bringing out one’s inner hiker. Anyone on the hunt for a great adventure should try the four beasts. […]


Located just South of Taipei in Sanxia, Manyueyuan Forest Recreational Park (滿月圓森林遊樂區) is a haven for those wishing to escape the metropolitan lifestyle and get immersed in pine forests and waterfalls. Manyueyuan is considered the best place to watch the leaves change in Autumn and to witness diverse wildlife from butterflies to endemic Rock Macaques. […]

Teapot Mountain

Teapot Mountain (茶壺山) truly is a photographer’s paradise. A lush green landscape blankets the mountainside, while deep hues of blue from the ocean adds an incredible background to this scenic hike. Start your trip climbing the steep steps above the historic town of Jinguashi (金瓜石) and end at the iconic and uncanny teapot-shaped rock outcropping. […]

Sandiaoling Waterfalls

The Sandiaoling Waterfalls hike  (三貂嶺瀑布群) is a trifecta to behold. This trail makes for a perfect summertime activity due to the myriad of watery pools dotting the trail and the three impressive waterfalls (Hegu (合谷瀑布), Motian (模天瀑布), and Papi (杷枇瀑布)) along the way. Hike and climb your way to the top for some amazing views. […]

Huang Di Dian

There’s no better hike to get your blood pumping and calves burning than Huang Di Dian (皇帝殿). We start our venture in the quiet town of Shiding climbing an intimidating staircase and high ropes to the seemingly perilous ridges above. This trek is not for the faint of heart, but what good adventure really is? […]


Wuliaojian (五寮尖) is one of the best, most interactive day hikes around Taipei. And for good reason! Start your trip climbing steep slopes and up rugged terrain towards the many peaks which give way to a perfect 360 degree panorama. Descend down treacherous ridges and chance seeing monkeys and other intriguing wildlife along the way. […]