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Taiwan Adventure Outings Puyuma Tribe Taitung

Hunting Rite with the Puyuma Tribe

Many people flock to the city of Taipei to watch the fireworks boom off of Taipei 101 to mark the beginning of the new year. What few may know, is the diversity of Taiwan, and the celebrations that come with it. New Years Eve isn't always referred to as such, because in a time before "time," people followed the moon cycle. This time of year is known as the Hunting…

Taiwan Adventure Outings Sanjhan Taroko Gorge Tour

Sanjhan Tribe and Golden Grotto

Some things never cease to amaze us. Golden Grotto is one of these things. Located in the heart of Hualien county, Golden Grotto is a pristine location with crystal clear water, beautiful waterfalls, and exciting climbs. Just recently, TAO was given the opportunity to stay with the Sanjan Tribe and experience the customs and culture of the local people. This included learning about the history of the Sanjian people, trying…