Be Adventurous

Hehuanshan Mountain Camping

Five of Taiwan’s most accessible top 100 peaks lie in Central Mountain Range of Taiwan, on the border of Nantou and Hualien counties. Hehuanshan is a gorgeous location to hike the high mountains, camp, and view some of Taiwan’s interesting history. There was once an operating ski lift on the East Peak, which the remnants […]

Sileng Hot Spring Camping

Driving over the gorgeous Highway 7 will bring us to the locally revered, unique waterfall hot spring of Sileng. It’s an adventurous hike down the mountainside, passing and setting up a wild campsite surrounded by birds and nocturnal mammals, before reaching the chilly river with a relaxing hot spring on the bank. Enjoy the jungle […]

Smangus / Zhenxibao

Smangus (司馬庫斯部落), the gorgeous, remote aboriginal village in the mountains of Hsinchu County, is surrounded by epic mountain views, bamboo forests and ancient tree groves. The Ayatal tribe resides here, and the local culture is protected through tourism initiatives from the whole of Smangus village. An hour away by car and winding roads is Zhenxibao. […]

Sanjhan Village / Golden Grotto

The Sanjhan tribe and Golden Grotto are both located within the heart of Taroko. The people there are kind, welcoming, and best of all, lively. Upon arriving, we will be greeted with festivities, incredible food, and a taste of local culture and customs. You won’t experience another place quite as beautiful and intriguing as Sanjhan. […]

2D1N Mystery Coast Camping

Located on the North East Coastline of Taiwan, the township of Jinshan harbors the Mystery Coast. Here the ocean formed coastline offers caves, unique formations, and a secret beach. The Secret Beach looks directly out to Candlestick Rocks, and is the perfect viewing point to watch the sunrise blanket the sand at your feet.    […]

Yunei Ancient Tree Grove / Camping / Beichatianshan

Located just South of Taipei in Sanxia, Manyueyuan Forest Recreational Park (滿月圓森林遊樂區) is an incredible place to escape the city, pitch a tent and enjoy the nature and wildlife surrounding you. Beichatianshan, at 1700 meters is considered the perfect practice mountain for the many high 3,000+ meter mountains in Taiwan, due to its steep incline.  […]

2D1N Taroko Gorge / Camping / FeiCui

Taroko Gorge (太魯閣國家公園) is one of Taiwan’s nine spectacular national parks. It’s history is full of aboriginal culture, Japanese colonization, and the war between the two. Gaze at the marble gorge, cut by the Liwu River from scooters and various hiking trails. FeiCui stream, is south of Taroko, and offers pristine swimming in a wild […]