Month: January 2017

Taiwan Adventure Outings Beach Clean Up

Fulong Beach Clean Up

We can't thank our amazing volunteers enough for coming out to the beach clean up event. We are really proud, as these events are getting larger and larger, both in volunteers and in garbage bags filled.  Fulong Beach was in need of some real love after the new year, with tons of firework, and celebration related garbage to go along with the usual washed up plastics (utensils, bottles, etc).  We…

Taiwan Adventure Outings Puyuma Tribe Taitung

Hunting Rite with the Puyuma Tribe

Many people flock to the city of Taipei to watch the fireworks boom off of Taipei 101 to mark the beginning of the new year. What few may know, is the diversity of Taiwan, and the celebrations that come with it. New Years Eve isn't always referred to as such, because in a time before "time," people followed the moon cycle. This time of year is known as the Hunting…