Month: November 2016

Taiwan Adventure Outings Sanjhan Taroko Gorge Tour

Sanjhan Tribe and Golden Grotto

Some things never cease to amaze us. Golden Grotto is one of these things. Located in the heart of Hualien county, Golden Grotto is a pristine location with crystal clear water, beautiful waterfalls, and exciting climbs. Just recently, TAO was given the opportunity to stay with the Sanjan Tribe and experience the customs and culture of the local people. This included learning about the history of the Sanjian people, trying…

Taiwan Adventure Outings Beach Clean Up

TAO Beach Cleanups

Taiwan is the home of beautiful landscapes, lush green forests, thriving wildlife, incredible cities, and some of the most amazing people. However, just like every rose has it's thorn, some of Taiwan's most breathtaking locations have become exposed to the biproduct of negligent environmental practices. Pictured above are fourteen bags of trash weighing well over 100Kg gathered by members of TAO. Surprisingly, the effort took just under three hours time…

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Wilderness First Aid

As outdoors men and women, one thing we hope to never happen, but want to always be prepared for, is part of the group suffering a serious injury while enjoying a gorgeous day in the wild. Well, lucky for us, our friends at ZA Adventures and a 20+ year paramedic named Matt May of 4 Point Expeditions flew from California to Taipei to put on a weekend long certification course.…